Your Perfect Day.The wedding planning book

Not everyone can afford a wedding planner, but everyone deserves to ENJOY planning their wedding. I made sure of this by writing Your Perfect Day|the wedding planning book|. As an event and wedding manager I know the steps, I’ve shared the tips, tricks and wedding checklists you’ve been searching for.




I have written Your Perfect Day, the wedding planning book; just for you.
The newly engaged, looking to feel more confident about putting this amazing day together on your own.

My book helps you successfully plan your wedding your way. Full of tips, wedding checklists and questions for each of the suppliers, it also shows you how the day fits together and gives you things to think about, like what are you going to do with your marriage certificate when the celebrant hands it to you at the end of the ceremony *say what?!*

Unlike magazines full of inspiration the book is full of information. It steps you through the planning process just like a wedding planner would use, while giving you the confidence that you can do it yourself and not miss a thing.

The Book

Ready to plan your own wedding, but aren’t sure where to start or how it all fits together?

The answers you seek are inside this book.