Hi, I’m Michelle Brodie, the owner of Our Wedding Consultant, my passion is to help couples plan their own wedding with confidence.

{A note from me}

The reason I do what I do is because, after years of managing events, I came across a massive challenge that engaged couples were facing:

Couples who tried to plan their own wedding, without hiring a full time wedding planner to do it for them, ended up confused, overwhelmed and joyless about the wedding planning process.

It’s not right. 

So I decided to step in and make a difference. I wrote the book “Your Perfect Day” to pass on my expert knowledge of how to plan a wedding that truly reflects your individuality based on my experience of coordinating weddings all over Australia and managing events of all types.

I also began consulting couples on an individual basis, as an advisor and confidant, rather than as a do-it-for-you wedding planner. Helping others is my soul food and a wedding, including the planning process, is supposed to be fun!

Today I help couples all over the world, including locally in Australia, to plan their own weddings with confidence by offering my professional guidance and reassurance when they need it.

Being apart of many national industry bodies I keep on top of current trends, trusted suppliers and new exciting tools that help brides-to-be Australia wide.  Your wedding destination is not a road block for me, I have contacts here and aboard.


What experience do you have planning weddings?

At 35, I have organised hundreds of events Australia wide. The first years of my event management experience was in children’s entertainment, the wine industry and corporate meeting management. When I met my husband-to-be and moved to North Queensland, I finally got the opportunity to work in hospitality. As the Function Manager for an inner city hotel I was responsible for over 50 weddings a year and 200 events in my first 12 months, my helpful nature and can-do attitude saw an increase of 100% in the function bookings for that property. Eventually, I also became engaged and was asked to help my friends coordinate their weddings, which brought me to love weddings even more!

I have a profound respect for wedding planners and feel that they bring a tremendous value to couples who choose to enlist their help. However, bringing on a full-service planner isn’t always the best fit for couples who prefer to plan their own wedding. That is where I come in. I consult as an independent advisor and confidant, rather than an involved party who has her own agenda or coordinating role. I’m an impartial third-party who exists to guide you, reassure you and give you moral support when needed.

What is it like to work with you?

It’s like enlisting your knowledgeable and experienced best-friend, Fairy Godmother, reliable go-to person to be your confidant, rock and sounding board throughout the wedding planning process.

In personality, I have a fun, down-to-earth disposition with a good sense of humor, strong ethical values and a can-do attitude. As for your experience consulting with me, my past clients really say it best.

Real Brides describe what it’s like working with Michelle

Do you only consult local couples in Australia?

No, my virtual consulting program is available to any English-speaking client, regardless of location. We can meet by phone or Skype, whichever is most convenient to you.

My start-to-finish consulting programs are geared toward local Australian weddings because they often involve my intimate local knowledge of resources, guidelines and vendors throughout the various regions of the country.

Get reassurance that you’re on the right path

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