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Reviews from REAL brides who have used Your Perfect Day to plan their wedding

N Evans, QLD

Perfect Day bride ~ Brisbane CBD, Queensland

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When I got engaged I went to the Brisbane wedding expo 2 days later. I felt so overwhelmed as there seemed to be so much involved in planning a wedding and I had no idea where to start. Luckily I bought this book while I was there and it was brilliant! I was able to plan our wedding with the fiancé overseas for work and minimal help or assistance elsewhere. It really put everything into perspective as to what decisions/bookings needed to be made in what order until you were down to the final details closer to the wedding date. Highly recommend it!

It puts all the tips and advice you could ever need in a structured, easy to follow guide and allows you to plan your perfect day with the reassurance that you will not miss a thing. Planning is the key and this was the perfect tool to put me on the right track! Would’ve have been able to plan such a perfect day without it!

I definitely agree on picking reputable suppliers and asking as many questions as you possible could as they are providing you a service and you need to be certain that everything is in order and ties in with your layout of the day as far in advance as possible.

The book also helped me keep my focus, time and energy on one thing at a time rather than being scattered all over the place and missing things that I normally wouldn’t have considered. On top of that, also helped me realise what matters the most and all the hard work you put in now will save you from even the most minuscule hassle or mishap so you can enjoy and make the most of your wedding day. This book is really worth the tiny investment.

The book is amazing and I had it on my bedside table everyday and followed it in order as the planning progressed. All the wedding magazines and fb wedding inspo pages can easily confuse or overwhelm any bride to be but your book was able to help me stay on track on what needs to be done and what I want my day to be.
It got me through a 12 month engagement being brought forward to 8 months (dates clashing with bridal parties) and my husband being overseas for the first 4 months then here and gone a month or so in the remaining 4 months. Although I had a stable support network, even the best intentions could have easily upset me as I would get comments like ‘what will you do if this happens’ when your book would drive home that I shouldn’t be worrying about things that are further down the planning timeline until I get to them as it would add too much stress or pressure and I should be sticking to a plan and keep it all in order.  I intend on keeping it forever as a keepsake to remind me of how much work went into the day and how perfect it turned out to be. Thank you very much.

Alana Belcher, Queensland

{Yacht Club wedding, see her here}


“Your Perfect Day” is a must have book for any bride to be!

I was not someone who had been dreaming of my wedding day for years and found myself engaged and no idea where to start. I also have a very demanding job that involves a lot of travel so I had to make the most of my time at home. …

We wanted a very small intimate wedding and thanks to “Your Perfect Day” not only did we have a completely stress free wedding day but the week before the wedding was a holiday for us to enjoy time with family and friends knowing nothing was forgotten.

“Your Perfect Day” gave me the right questions to ask my suppliers as well as loads of small details that I just would not have thought of on my own. I loved following Our Wedding Consultant on facebook and found plenty of inspiration.

I would recommend “Your Perfect Day” to anyone who wants a stress free and relaxing wedding day where you have nothing to do but enjoy the best day of your life!

Thank you Michelle

Brittany Brombach, USA

{Napa Valley private estate wedding, see her day here}

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Your Perfect Day book was a straightforward, comprehensive guide to planning a wedding. It was very helpful and provided great insight into planning elements that I would have never even thought of! This book gives you the capabilities to plan your own wedding and keeps you organised and on track.

Even if you aren’t planning your own wedding, this book is a great resource for understanding the process and asking your planner the right questions to make sure your day is truly perfect! I highly recommend this book to all brides-to-be!

Z Mitchell, QLD

{Traditional church and hotel reception, Ipswich}

japanese garden                         wedding day

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing Michelle is.

She has been my ‘guardian wedding angel’ throughout my wedding planning process. She has been my rock and her book has been my wedding planning bible.

Her ability to be able to calm me down and make me feel less stressed and not overwhelmed about the whole process makes her an amazing wedding consultant. Her experience and knowledge in the wedding industry is second to none and the fact she has been down the isle herself is testament to the quality of her service.

I am so glad I found Michelle, as she has assisted me in finding reputable suppliers and taught me how to deal with the stressful situations that come with a wedding. Her time is worth its weight in gold and I believe her $200 for five hours of consultancy rate is a bargain!!! Michelle truly is a wedding consultant guru

J Green, South Australia

Picked up your book today and have absolutely devoured it!!!!! So practical and helpful- I have the confidence to know I’m not going to miss a thing out. Very easy to read and would clearly work for any budget!

Thanks M- fantastic product which will make many brides to be very happy


C Weber, South Australia

Hi Michelle, I have been reading your book and it’s fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone getting married. It has lots of great tips that I haven’t seen elsewhere. I can’t wait to use it to plan our wedding.

Thanks so much xx

C Smith, South Australia

Your fabulous book arrived today! Its perfect, I love it! I’m so glad I had your expert assistance with planning our wedding!



J Marstin, Queensland

Thanks for sorting us out!! Was sitting around on laurels until ur book came and now The dates are set.. And were ready to roll.. With no bridezillaness in sight!! ( yet ) !

Thanks again!! Xxx

J Radford, South Australia

Dear Michelle, Thank you soooo much for your book “Your Perfect Day”. It’s amazing and has been so useful already. I love the way it is written, and Jim even said to me the other day when we were having invitation conundrums “what does Michelle’s book say to do!”.

M Morgan, New South Wales

Picked up my copy Sunday, first big tick is the size, can be carried in bag at all times. It has all the “things” covered, easily read and room for notes.

A valuable item to all Brides to Be.

Carrie S, South Australia

Your book has been a great help. It’s hard to know what order to do things in, so it’s been a godsend for a clueless bride 🙂

Julie S, Germany

{Australian bride to be living overseas planning her Australian wedding}

This book is amazing! So helpful!

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